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    PP CS6 Audition roundtrip with handles (single clip).

    funkytwig Level 1

      Hi, it is best for me to descripe this through a senario.  I edit sync in PP (by selecting bits from a clip/chopping bits out).  Initialy I dont do any cross fades.  I then take some of the clips into Audtion (right click on audio and select Edit in Audition) to set levels etc.  When I get back to PP the audio is replaced.  I then add a crossfade, but audition has not brought back any handels so it does not work.  Is there a way of getting PP to include handels when I send stuff to audition?


      I know I could add the crossphades first but when I do roughcuts I dont tend to do this and sometimes go to audition.  I know the answer is to always add crossphades before I go to audition but this is not ideal.