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    How to Not Implement a Feature (re. Captions)

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I know this is old hat considering all the excitement going on now with

      CC and CS7 coming up. Still, I have to vent a little.


      When Adobe introduced the caption feature for objects (when was that?

      CS5?), that was a good move. Most pictures need captions, so a built-in

      way of generating them is great, no?


      Well, yes and no. I mean, for me all the metadata stuff isn't useful,

      but I guess for some highly organized, automated workflows it's good.


      But, what boggles the mind is that there is NO way of setting the object

      style for the caption frame that is created.


      I mean, aren't we encouraged to use styles for everything? Object styles

      are great -- you can set a default paragraph style, these days you can

      auto-expand a text box, you can set text alignment, inset -- in short,

      everything you need to define a text box for a caption.


      But for some reason (and I've filed several feature requests about this

      for over the years), although you can set the paragraph style of the

      caption, you can't set the object style of the text frame the caption is in.


      That is so feeble.


      What is worse (and this borders on a bug, IMHO), is that the text frame

      created when you generate a caption does not respect the document's

      default text box setting (in fact, very few things respect that setting

      -- but that's another story). You know how you can drag that T-in-a-box

      (in the object palette) next to any object style you create, to set that

      as the default text frame style?


      Well, you would have thought that the caption feature would respect that

      setting. But no. It doesn't.


      Is there anything I'm missing here? Any way to tell the caption feature

      what object style to use? If there is, I'd really like to know.


      Meanwhile, the quickest way is to assign an shortcut to the object

      style, and then, after generating the caption, selecting that text frame

      and applying the object style. Kind of klunky.