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    imac i7 32gb ram nvidia 680 mx for AE color grading etc?


      I am considering The new Imac,


      he specs seem almost exact to any i7 hackintosh or PC custom build(of the same class)... except for the Graphics card which is the MX (laptop) over the GTX (desktop model). I am trying to decide whether to have a hack built or get the imac  and I would rather have one under apple care so that I do not have to worry about tech support as opposed to a hack build.


      Does anyone have any experience or info on whether this imac will perform with realtime playback doing things like high performance effects in AE or color grade in speedgrade or davinci etc. I Would like to be able to work in real time and not have tons of slow playback issues. I believe that card works with MPE just not sure how well.


      I will be using mostly hdslr .h264 footage.


      Thanks in advance.

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