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    my render times from cs6 seem to be really slow... what can i do to speed them up?

    neno john

      I'm shooting almost exclusively on canon dslrs, a mix of 5d mk2 and 650d, i'm multitracking between 5 and 10 takes for multicamera documentations of bands. each track is around 4-5 minutes long and there's colour correction and grading on each track for the final exports which keep coming in at around 2 1/2 to 3 hours which seems to be a long time to me.


      my system set up is so:


      windows 7 ultimate 64bit

      amd phenom x6 1090 t black edition @3.2ghz

      32gb ddr 3 ram

      nvidia quadro 4000

      ssd system/program drive

      wd black edition 5oo gb for premiere files

      wd black edition 5oo gb scratch disk

      wd black edition 2 tb for original footage

      wd green 3 tb for exports


      any tips for how best to set up my system would be much appreciated.