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    Adobe Popups


      Adobe flash player recently updated automatically on my windows 7 computer.  After the update I started getting popups in the middle of my screen saying "a website wants to open web content using this program on your computer adobe flash player. this program will open outside of protected moded"

      I saw your recent reply to another user stating it was related to internet explorer settings. Why did this only start happening after the latest update, it was running fine previously.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling adobe flash, and a system restore but neither worked.

      On the popup box it doesnt matter if i hit allow or dont allow and if I check the do not show me the warning for this program again box. It still shows the warning everytime.

      I realize it has to be related to internet explorer but cant understand why its only happening now and was fine before.  If I turn off protected mode in internet explorer , I can get rid of the popups but this is something I would prefer not to do.  Adobe was running fine before within protected mode but it now only seems to run outside of protected mode.


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