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    Multiple Movie Clips in a .swf, only one visible


      I have a .fla with many MovieClips. Each MC is a part of a character. For example, I have a MC for the eyes, one for the nose, mouth etc. I then right click on each MC in the flash library and  select 'export as .swf'. This gives me a bunch of seperate .swfs so the user of the game only needs to download the .swfs of the parts for his own character.


      The MCs are basically only holding a single .png image. However, I now want the user to be able to see a 'close-up' of his face (I don't want to simple scale/zoom for quality reasons). I therefore have two versions of the image, one for displaying on the character (small one) and one for displaying on a close up of the character's face (larger version).


      Both small and large MovieClips should be packaged into a single .swf, but not both should be visible. How can I best achieve this?