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    My Catalog won't load


      When I open Elements 11, I get "There is no media to preview". The program was working correctly. MY catalog contains 10K photos. I have been working on a video in Premier 11 and lost the ability to connect with My Catalog. I have opened File>> My Catalogs. I see my catalog[current]  but the open button is not active. How do I open My Catalog? I do have another small catalog and it will open.


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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Start the organizer while holding down the shift key to bring up the catalog manager and try selecting your catalog in the list, then repair, then optimize.

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            powerpcaa Level 1

            I followed your advice. I choose repair anyway when it said no problem. I got a message that the catalog successfully repaired. Then I optimized. I got the catalog and thumbnail cache have been successfully optimized. BUT still it will not open. The open button is not highlighted. I tried closing Elements and reopening and was not successful loading the catalog.powerpc

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              powerpcaa Level 1

              Correction: after repairing and optimizing, the open button is highlighted but when I choose open I get back a message stating that "There is no media to preview"powerpc

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                powerpcaa Level 1

                I found the catalog files in the C Drive. I have my original file called "catalog.pse11db" last used this morning with a size of 109KB. Then I found another file called catalog_1.pse11db" created this afternoon - most recent -  with a size of 66.MB. I tried double clicking on each with the same result - Elements opens and gives the no media to preview message. I do have another small catalog that works. I double clicked on it and it does open successfully. BUT I cannot get my important catalog which includes all my picture files.