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    resizing images (including file size)

    chopTheWood Level 1
      I'm nearly finished a 3 month Flash project but now the most mystifying task is at hand, left until last. The short of it is this: Clients will be uploading jpg images, via a Flash/php interface, to a web server. I need to ask them to provide a thumbnail size image (no more than will fit within a100 pixels square) and also one that will fit within a 450 pixels square area -- i.e 450 pixels on its longest side. My more web savvy clients will have little problem in doing this. But wouldn't it be nice if all they had to do is submit a single jpg image of any resolution (beyond a minimum size) and have a "slicing/dicing compacting machine" do the work for them and store it (via php?) in their own folder. I don't think Flashcan do this and not php alone. I'm looking for the simplest way out and don't want to buy into complicated software that do this job and other things way beyond that I don't and won't ever need. Any suggestions from the audience??
      thank you..