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    quadro and tesla (sorry for saying ) sucks


      i have installed the tesla and the quadro 4000

      and the AF recognize them


      but, and here is the big but

      i dont see any acceleration in the AF rendering time

      maybe its not mean to be a rendering acceleration card

      and maybe i need to return it to the seller (2200 $)


      also in premiere i don't see a different when i use the cuda acceleration or the gpu only


      i think adobe and nvidia has made me (and more like me),  spend a lot of money for nothing.


      and if there is a different its minor and not worth the money (quadro (4000 for me) and tesla c2075 cost over 2500 $)


      and one more thing, b@h said that the tesla is a special order item and there  policy is not to accept returns for it.

      well if anyone think else i will be glad to hear from you



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Can you run  the PPBM5 Benchmark test and submit your results. That will clearly show whether the Maximus configuration works as it should, or not.

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            moshe_daly Level 1

            Dear Mr Harm


            First thank you for your quick answer


            I can see where the ppbm5 test is  takeing me

            if i disconnect the quda, the project render is slow down alot.


            but this is not the problem


            in my machine i have the quadro 4000 an the tesla c2075


            if you remember i had a problem, that my motherboard didn't recognize the tesla.


            so i installed the computer without it, and render an AF project (with the quadro alone).


            the project took approximately 50 minutes of render time.


            Later I have resolve my problem (of the tesla) by changing the pci rom priority from legacy to uefi.


            i have reinstall the tesla and it drivers, and reload the same project of AF and unfortunately it's the same 50 minutes of render time.


            so why do i need the tesla for ?


            thank you


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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              Did you change the Rendering for the Comp to Ray tracer?




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                moshe_daly Level 1

                here is the configuration of AF in my system

                Fast Draft:Available
                Texture Memory:799.00 MB



                Vendor:NVIDIA Corporation
                Device:Quadro 4000/PCIe/SSE2
                Total Memory:1.95 GB
                Shader Model:4.0 or later


                Driver Version:5.5
                Devices:2 (Tesla C2075, Quadro 4000)
                Current Usable Memory:1.89 GB (at application launch)
                Maximum Usable Memory:2.00 GB


                Maximus configuration checking utility

                Where you can see the GPU activity
                When Working with Premier i can see the Tesla works
                But in After Effects the quadro and the tesla  GPU d
                o not show results and remain at 0

                As you can see in the file




                thank you moshe

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  After Effects doesn't offer the same type of GPU acceleration that PP does.  You may have unwarranted expectations here.