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    Unable to integrate CQ5.4 with SiteCatalyst




      I am a newbie to the Adobe Marketing Cloud and am trying to setup/test the connection between CQ5.4 and SiteCatalyst. I am following the documentation on http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/administering/integrating_with_omniture/sitecatalyst .html and am not able to cross step number 1 of the integration.


      I've looged in to the Cloud Services section and am not able to authenticate the user. We have created a new test user on our Site Catalyst account and can confirm that this user has the Web Service Access priviledge. I am still not able to authenticate the user and constantly get the error " We were unable to login to Site Catalyst. Please check your credentials and try again".


      I've confirmed that the credentials are correct and can log in to Site Catalyst UI directly with them. Any pointers on how I can get rid of this error ?