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    Why does Flash Player install McAfee software?


      I installed today Flash on my Windows PC. I opened the installer, chose "Notify me of all updates" and pressed install. The following progress bar showed not only the progress of the Flash installation but also the progress of some McAfee software installation. I couldn't reject it in an way. I had to uninstall it once it finished.


      So my question is clear: Why? I don't want McAfee, I should be able to tell the installer "don't install McAfee". What if I had a limited broadband connection (3G, for example)? What if McAfee broke my antivirus installation? Is Adobe or McAfee going to be responsible if anything goes bad because of that bundle installation?


      This is terrible user experience. The only thing you've achieved is my bad impression of both business, so I'll purchase/download as little as I can of any of you.