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    Debugging Adobe Bridge




      I’m currently implementing a CMIS server as my bachelor thesis. I am using adobe drive 4 to connect the creative suite 6 with my cmis repository. This works pretty well, but I have one problem with adobe bridge, which I already described in this thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/5308144 .


      To summarize the problem, I’m having a endless loop while opening a cmis folder. At the moment I have no clue why this happens. I already wasted a lot of time with various trial and error bugfixing, but I wasn’t able to fix it.


      So my main questing is. Is there a possibility to debug adobe bridge, like a logfile?



      I’m using CS6 and Adobe Drive4.2 on MacOS 10.8.3.


      I hope someone can help me with these hard questions.