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    Adding subtitles to film from .sub file

    funkytwig Level 1

      Hi, I have a 90 minute file whitch someone wants to add subtitles to.  This is an enviromental film (DVD) they want to take around latin america.  The film is in english (and has english subtitles) and they want spanish subtitles. I think the best way of doin this is getting them to create a text file with the subtitles and timings simeler to the type used in media players (e.g. VLC).  Then reauthor the DVD either with burnt in subtitles or reauthor with proper subtitles. 


      Is this the best way to do it, sould I use .sub or some other format of file (excel maybe)?


      Is there a way of extracting the existing subtitles to a .sub file so they can go through and change them to spanish?


      Is there a way of importing .sub files into PP?   




      PS this is for there own use, they are not redistributing the film so legaly there is no problem.