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    Problem using LoadMovie

      I would say I've graduated from beginner by now when it comes to actionscript. www.grandwindow.com/flash My problem is this: I have my main site w/ background and menu called site.swf. Then the buttons are set-up to load external swf's into an empty_mc where the content pertaining to that button loads into that empty_mc in my site.swf. Now here is where I need help. Say they click on Services it loads external swf Services.swf replacing home.swf into the empty_mc. Well on the services.swf I have three more buttons that I want to continue having the function of replacing that empty_mc on site.swf. But now Services.swf is loaded so the empty_mc no longer exists. So I need to replace Services.swf with Windows.swf. If you goto grandwindow.com/flash and click services, you will see that it loads into the main site.swf, but in services when Windows is clicked I want it to replace the services.swf with windows.swf How the heck do I do this.