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    When I select something, it will automatically be moved / dragged around when I move the mouse

    koenlekkerkerker Level 1

      I have a very strange issue. Whenever I select something (using either the direct selection tool or the normal selection tool), I can't do anything without moving the selected items. So for example I select something (by clicking 1 time on it with my left mouse button) and then I want to move my mouse to do something else (select another tool, select something else, whatever). When I move the mouse the object (shape?) selected will move there (after a small delay). So the object will end up where my mouse was, let's say, half a second after i started moving the mouse. This makes working with Illustrator nearly impossible as you need to cmd+z everytime you select something. Right clicking also does not work for me if I hold my mouse still at the place where I selected the object, the only option I seem to have to continue is to move my mouse, which you of course would usually want to do.


      I have reinstalled Illustrator already, manually deleted the folder ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator CS6 Settings/ , and I have tried it with another mouse. None of it solved the problem. Photoshop works well. I have compared the behavior with Illustrator on another computer and it is definitely not correct.


      I am using Illustrator 16.0.4 (CS6) on OS X 10.8.3. As far as I know, I have no 3rd party plug ins. I couldn't find anything about other people with similar problems.


      Anyone a clue? Or else I am afraid I need to reinstall my whole Mac with a fresh OS and all...