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    Autofill PDF from excel export of web form.


      My website gathers data for people wanting to form a corporation, and we do the filings for them. We use a form such as you see here.



      It saves the info and what we do with it is use it to fill out this form:  http://form.sunbiz.org/pdf/cr2e074.pdf


      My fondest dream is to be able to export the web data the PDF with a click. Can this be done with Forms Central?  If not, with what product?


      Any tutorials around?


      I have managed to create a custom display that looks like the filled out form:  http://mycorporationllc.com/frm_display/llc-cover/


      But have never found a way to get a perfect print out like I would from the PDF.  I know I am pretty close to a solution, but am a bit stuck. I need to do about a dozen forms and need a better less labor intensive way.




      Rich Dutton