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    Delay in displaying new images

    David Remington Level 1

      Here's the situation.


      Shooting tethered with a Nikon D800E. Using Nikon Camera Control Pro to operate the camera. Using Adobe Bridge CS6 to monitor the destination folder. There is often a delay before Bridge will display new images. For several exposures in a row Bridge will display new images as they are created. Eventually it get to the point where it will not display a new shot. When you take a second shot, both it and the preivious image will appear together. Some times two shots in a row will not apprear and upon taking a third shot all three will apprear. I've tried switching thumbnail options, Prefer Embedded, On Demand, HQ, it's a little more responsive when using the embeded thumnail but still has the issue.


      I've tried two workstations. A MacPro 3.1 running OSX 10.6.8 and a Mini 6.2 running 10.8.3. Bridge has the same problem on both some what worse on the Mini.


      Has anyone seen this problem when monitoring a folder that is activly receiving new images?


      On a side note, it would be great if Bridge would scroll to display new images. Seems like it would have to auto select the newest image.