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    Audio no longer synced on timeline or preview panel after all editing was finished. HELP?!?


      Ok, so I am editing a package that is about 8 minutes in length. I had pretty much finished it, save for a few minor touches here and there. I had decided to review it again today and behold, none of the audio was synced to the video anymore. It had been yesterday, as far as I know. It's not just off a little. It seems the audio from the end of the footage is now toward the front and the rest is all jumbled up also. The footage was shot on a miniDV 60 minute Sony tape and had imported just fine. The video file that was imported is still synced when played in Windows Media Player, but as soon as I import it to Premiere Pro CS5.5 it is just like the file that is out of sync. I have other packages on the same timeline from other tapes and they are playing just fine. I thought maybe I had moved the audio tracks separately from the video, but as I stated, even in the preview panel the audio is off.


      I have attempted to unlink and relink the footage and have attempted to just start over from scratch, which I DO NOT want to do, and just add the same file to the batch and re-edit.


      Is the file corrupt? Is it Premiere Pro CS5.5 that is messing up? Or is it user error that can easily be fixed? Do i need to reimport the footage from the tape to the computer instead of just the file to PP?

      I have been working on this package for a few weeks now and would hate to have to restart it. If tere is a solution to this, other than starting over, I would greatly appreciate the help!


      Also, watching through it now, the audio isn't only out of sync but also jumpy and it cuts in and out every so often for just a frame or two. This makes me think possibly the file is bad...


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