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    How do I assign mapids to reference a merged chm file?

    JohnV11 Level 1




      I am using RoboHelp on a Windows 7 64 bit machine to create chm files. I have 2 chm files I would like to merge and be able to create mapids for context-sensitive help.


      I created each chm in its own project directory with each having its own mapids setup. I would like to merge them for a special project and still be able to use the mapids. I merged them using the toc | new | merged project. I also have the merged chm as a baggage file in the first chm.


      As far as viewing and searching after recreating the first chm, all appears to work with the toc also showing the toc of the merged chm.


      However I can’t seem to get the mapids of the merged chm to work in the first (master) chm. I have seen other posts about similar problems but I didn’t see anything I can use.


      Is there a way to create mapids to reference the topics in the merged chm when using the master chm? The mapid editor doesn’t seem to know anything about the merged chm file.