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    Where to make suggestions for features for PS Touch

    david k Level 2

      After using PS Touch a bit, and gleaning some ideas from others, I have some suggested features that would be great to see in this app. Where is the best place to submit these?


      They include:

      • Dodge and Burn feature.
      • More blending modes, such as hue, luminosity, and color.
      • And of course, the ability to mask layers.
      • Ability to work with Touch in portrait mode (since this is the default mode for Nexus 7 tablets anyway)
      • Make some of the adjustment windows be square or at least not so long, e.gl Curves -- it makes it hard to do fine adjustments.
      • And make it so the adjustment windows for Curves, etc, don't end up directly over the image -- kind of hard to see what changes you're making this way.


      Thanks, David.