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    h.264 blu-ray 720P60 sync problem


      I'm not able to maintain sync between sound and video when encoding 720P59.94 sequences (avi or mov) to 720P 59.94 h.264 Blu-ray (standard PrPro export settings). The sync is lost gradually, and at the end of a 42 minute clip, is off by more than a second. In trying to chase this down, I noticed that the exported elementary video file is longer than the source sequence by about 1 frame per minute. The elementary sound file (Dolby or PCM) appears to be the same length as the source sequence.


      Although I first noticed this in Encore (Blu-ray project),  an import of the "encode" files back into Premiere Pro confirmed the situation.


      I checked very carefully to ensure that my sequence settings and export settings are consistant - 1280x720 P 59.94.


      I don't see this sync problem with the non-blu-ray h.264 (multiplexed) encode, and I don't see this problem with the mpeg2 blu-ray encoder.

      I'm interested to know if this issue is unique to my setup, and if not, if there's a fix or workaround.


      I'm running the latest versions of software -
      Adobe CS 6.03 (monthly account)
      Kona LHi 10.3.2 (up to date)
      win 7, i7, 16G ram


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The first thing that came to mind is that you're exporting NDF when it should be DF, however, that kind of thing should only be affecting the timecode numbers assigned to the frames, not the actual number of frames exported.  So, overlay that exported clip back onto the sequence and apply a 50% Crop.  See if you can find where it goes out?

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            BGabriele Level 1


            Thanks for your suggestions!

            I'm pretty sure my files and sequence are DF, but I'll check everything again.


            I hadn't thought of superimposing the two files...I'll definitely try that and report my findings.


            Does it make sense that this issue doesn't show up when encoding to mpeg2 blu-ray,  and doesn't show up when exporting to the non-blu-ray h.264 (with multiplexing)?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              None of it makes sense.  I'm hoping the comparison might shed some insight.

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                BGabriele Level 1



                I found that, of the sequences I've been working with, those that were created by dragging the footage onto the "new" icon were NDF. Sequences that I initiated from scratch are DF. But even after exporting to h.264 from a "DF" sequence, when re-imported and dropped on the "new" icon, a NDF sequence was created.


                So...I established a new DF AVI sequence, and copied the source footage into it. This gave me a 720P59.94 DF cineform avi sequence, which doesn't seem any different than the NDF predecessor. Audio and video are in sync from beginning to end - 42 minutes duration.

                I did a fresh export from this sequence to the adobe h.264 blu-ray preset (720P59.94, dolby, high, 4.1).


                I then re-imported the resulting m4v, and dragged it onto an unused track in the source sequence. As expected, It extended beyond the source by 78 frames (in 42 minutes), and had the gradual drift out of sync.


                I applied the 50 % crop, and looked for the first sign of change between the two tracks. I noted that at 00;01;01;42, the h.264  "encode" track seem to take one step backward, resulting in a 2 frame difference for a while. I tried to find the next exact place where a change occur, but found it impossible to do so.


                Since this seems kind of weird, it would be helpful to know if anyone else has been successful in exporting a 720P59.94 sequence to h.264 blu-ray, without gradual loss of sync. The duration would need to be long enough for the sync loss to be obvious - 15 minutes or so?

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  That step back isn't normal.  I'm testing it here now.


                  I do in fact see a similar issue.  I didn't check to see if the export loops back, but a 20 minute export ended up with about 30 extra frames.


                  Something's buggy.

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                    BGabriele Level 1

                    Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this! Let me know if I should file a bug report.


                    For what it's worth, I know I saw the frame reverse direction for one count, then resume in the forward.  Although I couldn't detect it when I went back to it , the 2 count difference in frames between the 2 tracks was definitly there.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      You should file it.