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    Link ant step to 'Export Release Build'

    seaders6m Level 1

      We're now managing our assets totally manually, mainly with ant steps, away from Flash Builder's hands, which imo gives us plenty of benefits, but one definite drawback, exporting a release build.  With nearly every other thing you do in Flash Builder, you're able to hook an Ant step to it, but I can't seem to find any place for release builds.


      Currently what we have to do is create the 'bin-release'/'bin-release-temp' (depending on the type of project web/mobile & desktop) and copy our assets in to that folder to be packaged up when we then do a release build.


      Is there any way to automate this step?  All previous attempts to figure out how to have proven to be in vain.


      I don't accept marking an assets folder that contains text and binary files as a source folder and choosing "Copy non-embedded files to the output folder" as a proper solution, as that creates an overhead on Flash Builder that's totally unnecessary and can produce lag while working with it, if you've a large assets folder.


      Thanks for any help ye might be able to give on this, seaders.