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    Flash pro cs5.5 project panel librarypath different from fla librarypath




      I have a flash pro cs5.5 project which i can browse in the project panel. (Window -> Project to open panel)

      I went to the settings dropdown in the panel -> project properties -> paths tab -> library tab


      I added a path to a swc here.


      However if i open the startup fla of the project

      and go to File -> Actionscript settings -> library path

      the previously added path is not there!


      Why are these two paths different?


      The startup fla needs to use some classes in the added swc.

      I only added the swc to the library path from the project panel.

      I was hoping the fla will compile and publish swf successfully!


      This does not happen . So what good is this project panel -> library path settings for?


      I need to use the project panel library path because i am opening this flash pro project in flash builder and any changes to build path done in flash builder only reflect in the library path in the project panel back in flash pro cs5.5


      Any ideas ?