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    Deleting 100GB Render Files

    Pumpkin Person



      I've been working on a 15 minute short film over the past few weeks, in Premiere and After Effects. I seem to have ammased 134GB worth of Render files in the directory: Library/ Application Support/ Adobe/ Common/ Media Cache Files (despite having all my scratch disks set to the external hard drive).


      If I delete all these files, and reopen Premiere then presumably I'll have a lot of rendering to do again, but also presumably I'll have significantly less data in this folder - freeing up my struggling laptop a bit! - Also I have already cleanded the cache in Premiere preferences - freed up about 20GB.


      Basically I'm worried that I'm going to damage my project in some way, as I still have a lot more work to do on it - but I've got to get this folder size down.