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    indesign cs6, smart guides on, transform not proportional

    maria j miller

      i use my smart guides a lot. i have found that when i go to transform an image using the direct select tool, and the cmd+shift function, the percentage of the scale is not consistant on teh x and y axis (they should be the same). i do have the "constrain proportions" active. i have tested without them being active. it seems, so far, the only time i can recreate the issue is when the smart guides are active.


      -osx 10.8.3

      -indesign cs6 (cloud subscription)

      -smart guides on

      -transform window open

      -constrain proportions active

      -direct select tool

      -select image within a frame with direct select tool (white arrow tool)

      -use shift+cmd and drag and scale, repeat (small and large areas)

      -repeat a few times and watch the horizontal and vertical percentages in the transform window. percentages will not be consistent after a few tries



      does anyone else have this issue?
      can anyone else recreate this issue?
      does anyone have any suggestions on a fix (other than turning off the smart guides)?


      thanks in advance