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      Hey all,
      Just starting out at flex and hoping you can help I'm using flexBuilder 3 (latest beta) and I'm following a trusty adobe book, my issue is with creating a folder for custom components, so I right click my project, add new folder name it components, I go file new mxml component but I cant select my folder for the component only the src folder. So i go into project details and add the folder to build paths. This then allows me to add the component to the folder but then when I go to call it it doesnt show ?
      I've typed into the starting tag xmlns:comp=".Components.*" yet when I type <comp: I dont get the component I've created as an option ? I'm sure I'm being stupid, just cant see the forest for all the trees.
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          i have added a new folder to the project and added the mxml component in that folder .there is no problem with that.is it what you are looking at are some thing else.
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            Huntsecker Level 1
            If you try doing this in the latest flexbuilder 3, when you select new mxml component the save location is forced to be inside src, its prob something simple, just its different to flexbuilder 2 which I'm used too, so any help....
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              Huntsecker Level 1
              I've worked it out, the cause of the issue is that in the new build of flexbuilder the default folder is /src rather than in flex 2 it not placing the items in any folder by default, as a result creating the folder for components needs to be made inside the src folder rather than the root folder.
              Hope this helps any others who fell at this hurdle :)