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    Removing Empty Fields from Summary




      I am primarily using FormsCentral  to accept Background Applications from potential clients as well as accept expense reimbursements from current clients.


      In both of these forms, there are many questions which are hidden or shown based on how the applicant answered previous questions. IE, only when a client answered in the affirmative to "Do you have any travel expenses for reimbursement?" would a travel question appear to ask about the details of such a reimbursement .


      Unfortunately, when the forms are submitted, we recieve a confirmation via email containing ALL questions in the orignal form, even when they were hidden for the client, or unanswered. I noticed that you can elect to have empty responsed removed for the confirmation email sent to the client after they submit a filled form, but no such option is available on the design / received side


      Worse, we elected to use Adobe Formscentral because we really liked how polished they looked, and also liked the fact that we could download a PDF version of the answered questionairre that was presentable to our clients (like when presenting a close of account folder which would contain all of their submitted expenses). unfortunately the downloaded PDF version of our responses also include all of the blank and hidden fields regardless of whether they were filled out or even shown to the client. Becuase PDF's are difficult to manage after creation, there is no simple way to remove empty questions or hidden response fields from either the summary emails we receive or the PDF we can download.


      We have extensive applications that we intended on being able to download to present to potential clients to skip the step of having to have somone enter them again into a polished looking form where unanswered or hidden questions do not get included. Our forms are such that we could have 3 pages of answered and applicable questions on a PDF form that totals 18 pages. Theirfor we would have to cycle through 18 pages to get the three pages of total information we need, at the same time making it completely unpresentable to a client.


      There is an option to remove unanwered fields to the confirmation email sent to our clients when they submit a form, but we, the form creater don't appear to have the same option?


      This seems like a relatively easy fix that is preventing a great many people from using the FormsCentral Product this way. Please let me know if there is anything I am overlooking, workaround wise, or if there is any idea as to when these features will become available. I really like FormsCentral otherwise, and would hate to have to jump ship because of what seems like a minor feature upgrade.



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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          You did not miss anything, hiding the empty fields from the Notification isn't something we currently support.  You can vote on that feature here:  http://forums.adobe.com/ideas/2453


          You can also vote on the similar request for PDF here: http://forums.adobe.com/ideas/1045


          I'm glad you've enjoyed using FormsCentral and do hope we can update these features in time to keep you;-)  We do use the ideas pages to help prioritize new features.




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            RyanjMcdermott Level 1

            Hi Josh,




            Thanks for your fast response. I realize that Adobe Formscentral is not, or was not originally intended for vast questionnaires but making these relatively slight modifications would allow it to be used in this way, and given how difficult PDFs are to edit after the fact it seems like adding filters on what content will flow through to the final pdf or in the very least the notification email would be a no brainer. It limits the use of the product in a big way, and given that this feature is already available in the Emailed receipt to the form fillers, and not the form creators (you know, the ones that pay for your product) it seems like an even bigger over sight. It means that we have to pay an employee to edit our responses before it’s consumer ready, when it would be SO SO SO easy to just forward on a properly filtered original directly from formscentral. Anyway, I’ll get off my stump now and just hope that this will be taken care of before our subscription is up for renewal.




            You all might want to think about consolidating the like ideas for a more accurate vote tally, as this topic has been asked a great many different ways. (as I’m sure you already know)









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              RandySwineford Adobe Employee

              We now provide an option to not include empty fields when sending an email notification. Hope this helps.

              Notifications - Empty Option Highlight.PNG

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                I'm having this issue when downloading the responses.  I have a form that has options applicable only if certain items are selected and everything is showing up on the downloaded response.  Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

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                  Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                  Hi windelina;


                  For the "Download Response as PDF Form" all of the fields are included in the PDF, this is not something you can configure.




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                    It would be a really great feature to be able to hide non-completed fields from the "download response as PDF" and/or from the "Row details" view.  This had actually been the 'make or break' feature when comparing three options for a project proposal system - the ability to produce clean, legible proposal documents from a fairly long requirements survey.