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    detect url with actionscript

      can anyone help me i´m new to flash and i need to put a flash menu inside a html page, i´ve put this inside flash

      var url=_root.url;

      if (url=="clientes")

      else if (url=="servicios")

      else if (url=="home")

      else if (url=="acercade")

      else if (url=="contacto")

      and inside the html that:

      <td><div id="flashcontent"></div></td>
      <script type="text/javascript">

      var so = new SWFObject("flash/menu2.swf", "menu", "100", "475", "9", "#FF6600");
      so.addParam("flashvars", value="url=clientes");


      it works fine in internet explorer, safari and opera but it doesn´t in firefox!

      please if some one can help me out....