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    Anchoring objects without them reflowing automatically?


      I am working on a book layout and would like to anchor some photos with the A heads they belong to, but I don’t want the photos to move if the text reflows. The reason I want them anchored is so I have a visual link on where the photos belong within a subject. Say for instance I have a photo that belongs under a certain head, and somehow the text gets reflowed so that head no longer falls on the page the photo is on, I want to be able to see which head that photo goes to and move it manually. With our printed book design the photos fall along the bottom or top of the page, not in the middle of text. So having Indesign reflow images to the middle of the page isn’t working for me. Does anyone know of a setting or something that will allow me to override the automatic moving of anchored photos? Or is there a different way to visually link the photos to text as a reference to where the photo should be placed but doesn’t move them automatically? Thanks in advance

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Anchoring won't work, but you could add a tag frame and group it with the photo.


          Create a new object style for this, and under Text Wrap and Other check the Non-Printing box. I'd create a paragraph style to use, as well, and set the text color to red so it's really easy to spot, and just add the same heading text as the heading under which you want it positioned. Move the tag frame on top of the photo and group. Leave the group free-floating and add any text wrap you need.