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    My form appears to work, but not submit


      I have my form at http://mycorporationllc.com/llc-fill/   The fields accept text, but in the end when I click Submit nothing seems to happen, and there are no responses in my admin. Any ideas?


      Rich Dutton


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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Hi Rich;  The PDF has to be filled out using Adobe Reader/Acrobat - it really won't work right embedded in a web browser since you can't guarantee Reader/Acrobat is used to fill and submit.  In the case of Google Chrome it has it's own PDF viewer that will certainly not submit. 


          You can provide a simple link to download the PDF instructing users to fill out in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.


          Your PDF form would not be too difficult to re-create using our authoring tools from what I saw once you copy and paste most of the initial text into it.  Our HTML form (which also gives you the ability to send out as PDF) would be your best option.