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    Help with IF statement


         public var x:Object;   
         public var value:String;


         value = G10;





                  x = value;
                 if (x<G10)      
                 Code here...


      Why cant I write it like this "if (x<G10)"?

      Im trying to read a value from a microcontroller, that have the letter "G" infront of a number. The code works if I use only numbers like this: if (x<10).

      Compiler wont accept it, comes with this ERROR:


      Multiple markers at this line:

      -1120: Access of undefined property G10.

      -1 changed line

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          fB3 Level 2

          There are a few things wrong.
          value = G10;
          needs to be in quotes if G10 is really a string
          value = "G10";
          Otherwise the compiler will think it an undeclared variable.


          Next, this is a boolean true / false


          should be a string check


          if(value != null)




          x = value;


          That is a value of an Object to a String.


          Could be


          x.value = value;


          And last,
          if ( x < G10)
          this is incorrect because the less than sign wont work
          with strings unless the are a numeric value and using parseFloat or parsInt to compare them


          This would be in the ball park.


          if ( x.value != "G10")


          or if both values were numeric you could use


          if ( parseFloat(x.value) < 10)



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