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    Roto Brush Performance Issues & Seeking Advice.


      Hello everyone,

        First time posting in the forum, so I'll make this as painless as I can and hopefully I can get a hand in figuring this out.


      Computer is a brand new Mac Book Pro 15in Retina Display.

      - 2.7ghz Intel Core i7 (quad core)

      - 16gb Ram

      - SSD HD

      - NVidia GeForce GT 650m 1024 mb.

      - OSX 10.8.3

      - After Effects


      The project that I'm working on right now was shot 1080, 24fps. I cut the project in Premier and copied all of the footage to AE for keying and to ad motion graphics. The project is close to 5 minutes in length, when I noticed the project effecting the performance of my computer I created 4 smaller projects.


      I'm using the rotobrush to add back in the underside of the brim, a task which, initially, I didn't expect to be such a problem.

      No issues at all with keying, so I duplicated the footage, and began roto brushing the brim at full resolution. For the most part, I've been advancing by 10 frames, which I understand will take longer to propagate, however any selection after the render is completely is leaving After Effects almost completely unresponsive for a minute or two.


      Not sure what exactly is going on. I just finished a project last week and used the roto brush quite a bit and had absolutely no problems!


      I read every article and post I found on the roto brush tool, as well as a handful of AE Optimization articles and videos.


      Not sure what else you might need to know from me, but any input or advice would be great.

      Also, if there is a better way to handle adding the underside of the brim back in please let me know. I've tried a few different options, and roto brushing seemed to be the best and quickest option until this!


      Thanks a lot!