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    Input text field causes button to lose onRelease event.

      Hello. I working on application that sends mobile wallpapers. I have three fields set up in a movieclip called mobileNav. This mobileNAv movieclip exists in a parent movieclip called WPManager that has several other movieclips on different layers.The mobileNav movieclip has an as2 class path to a class called MOBManager that extends movieclip. Inside this movieclip there are three layers. the topmost layer is an a movieclip called mobilePhnNumber and inside of it is an input text field with the instance name "txt". When i instantiate my app and navigate to the mobile section and type "0000000", or "111111111", or "2222222", a button that exists in the top application level loses its onRelease method. However , its still retains its onRollover and onRollout events. Now if i go back to the text field and type in othe sequence of numbers , for example "3333333333", the button regains its onRelease event. It appears that any number sequence ending in 0,1, or 2 will break the button. Everything else in this section works correctly. I am not doing anything strange to the text field. Ive tried literally everything , from disabling all the properities of the text field i set, for example, commenting out,

      wallPhnNum.wallInput.txt.onSetFocus = mx.utils.Delegate.create(this,textFocus);
      wallPhnNum.wallInput.txt.onChanged = mx.utils.Delegate.create(this,textChanged);
      wallPhnNum.wallInput.txt.onKillFocus = mx.utils.Delegate.create(this,textKillFocus);

      wallPhnNum.wallInput.txt.text = "000-000-0000";
      wallPhnNum.wallInput.txt.restrict = "0-9^";
      wallPhnNum.wallInput.txt.maxChars = 12;

      and it still ceases to function with any number sequence ending in 0,1,2. it works with any other number sequence. Ive also tried moving the input text field outside of the movieclip , to various levels of the application and it still breaks that button. If anyone has any ideas i would be greatly appreciative ! thanks !