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    Safe upper limit for project file size?

    adam singer Level 1



      I am working on the biggest after effects project I have ever done in my 12 years using after effects. It is 5 minutes 40 seconds, with 70 shots, all of which include many animated layers and precomps. I am about half way done and the aep file is currently 31 MB. So far I haven't had any problems, but I'm getting paranoid. I don't want to reach shot 68 and then the file becomes corrupt because it's unusually large. I have constant backups of course, but I don't want to lose any time backtracking at all if I can help it


      Is it reasonable to expect I'll be okay?


      in case you're wondering, the reason I'm trying to keep it all in one AEP is because I'm re-using all kinds of layers and effects across a lot of the comps, which I am continually tweaking. I could break it into multiple projects but becuase AE has no way to create instances or nodes that I know of, it will add a lot of nuicence to my workflow here. It isn't really practical to save each shot as its own project and import AEPs across shots. That could easily double the amount of time it's taking me to lay out my shots and make changes to common elements.


      Thank you!