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    Why is my Layer Mask filling with Grey

    Gsmith98 Level 1

      I'm working in a multi layered CS5.1 Photoshop project (I did not create it). One of the adjustment layers in the project needs a layer masks, and when I create one it is not working properly. I make my selection that I want to mask off and create the layer mask it creates it with White and a 50% gray insted of black. Likewise when I alt click to create a layer mask it fills it in with black and 50% gray. The layer did have a 87% opacity to it so I thought this was causing the gray to happen, but when I turned the Opacity to 100% the mask was still being created with gray.


      I use the fill tool to fill the gray with Black or White (Fill settings are opacity 100 and fill 100) it fills the mask more like my fill opacity is set to 50%. Likewise it does this for the pant brush as well. I have messed with every layer setting I can find including the layer mask panel and the adjustment layer panel, and nothing seem to work.  Please help.


      P.S. I'm doing this for work and so I cant take any screen shots to show what is going on.