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    Gaps in timeline causing menu craziness in Encore CS6


      Hi all,

      I'm new in the forums but an on-and-off user of Adobe video products for a few years.  This one's got me pulling my hair out though. 


      I rendered my HD footage in AME using the MPEG-2 DVD settings (with slightly modified quality settings).  I used Dolby audio, which I've now discovered requires a complete GOP block at the end of the clip (or something like that.... anyway it's nearly always longer than the video clip).  Encore seems not to be smart enough to insert blank video along with the few frames of blank audio that it inserts.  This means that when I add several clips to the timeline, it "snaps" them together and my audio gets out of sync.


      SOOO, thinking I was so smart, I pulled the clips apart and aligned the in-points for the audio and video for each clip.  Good grief Encore resisted... clips started snapping all over the place and chapter markers started moving back and forth.  I thought I had it all bludgeoned into submission. 


      Then I tried testing the menu system.  (cue horror movie sfx)


      I want each clip (chapter) to play and then return to the menu, with the button highlighted that the user clicked to start that video clip.  I've triple-checked that I've got the end-action on the chapters set to the correct buttons.  But no dice.  It highlights the wrong ones.  In some cases, it even goes to the wrong menu to highlight the wrong button. 


      At this point, I almost want to use a different authoring tool.  The bugginess is driving me crazy.  It's either out-of-sync sound or broken chapters and menus.


      I know I could place each clip on its own timeline, and I may do that.  But I really wanted the chapter seek buttons on the remote to work. 


      Has anybody run into anything like this?  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.