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    Low fps when telemetry NOT enabled

    _adamh Level 1

      I have an issue where movies will never reach their full frame rate unless the swf has telemetry enabled and an active connection to Scout


      It can be a 30fps to 15fps difference.


      Playback environment:

      Win7 Pro 32bit,  Air 3.7 or Plugin 11.7 (Chrome or IE10)


      Authoring environment:

      Mac 10.7 Flash CS6 Pro. (Telemetry flags added via python script.)


      Profiling setup:

      Via .telemetry.cfg on PC over WAN to Scout1.0 on Mac 10.7



      If ANY of the following are TRUE it won't get the full frame rate.

      * Swf is not patched for telemetry

      * No .telemetry.cfg on windows

      * No network connection

      * Mac is not running Scout


      Things tried:

      Removing .telemetry.cfg and restarting PC

      Disabling network connection on PC

      Compiling to flash player 11.3



      * It is occuring on 4 seperate machines. What they do have in common is they are all mac minis running win 7 pro 32bit under bootcamp.

      * It does not occur on the mac side of these same machines.

      * I have got it working correctly on other machines WinHome 64bit & a WinPro 32bit on same network.

      * I have been successfully profiling over WAN.

      * If i stop recording a profiling session on the Mac, the swf on PC drops back to limited frame rate


      Any ideas or advice are very much appreciated.

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          Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

          This is an unusual setup, and it sounds like the issue is more to do with the presence/absence of a network connection than anything else. Though from the way you've stated your conditions, you say that if you compare the following:


          a) profiling with Scout, without advanced telemetry enabled on the SWF

          b) profiling with Scout, with advanced telemetry enabled on the SWF


          then (b) has a much higher framerate than (a)? That seems hard to believe - if you're profiling with the same options (e.g. just basic telemetry) then the only difference the advanced telemetry setting makes, is for Flash Player to parse an extra tag on the SWF. There should be no functional difference.


          If I were you, I'd do some more tests without Scout, such as running some other content that uses TCP/IP (pretty much anything that has a Loader in it) at the same time as your video content - that would narrow it down to whether there's some strange condition where Flash Player performs badly if it's not using a network socket. Even better, try opening a socket within your content (flash.net.Socket is a TCP socket), and sending/receiving some data - as far as the network is concerned, that's all Flash Player is doing when it's connected to Scout.


          I won't rule out the possibility a bug of this nature, since it's an unusual configuration, and not as tested as more common configurations. If you can narrow it down like this, that would help; in either case, I'd file a bug:




          The only other thing I'd say, is that I wouldn't lose any sleep over the experience of your users - I doubt anyone will have the same setup, and even if they did, they could switch back to OS X.

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            _adamh Level 1

            Yes its a strange unbelievable scenario for sure.


            To clarify, by movie i meant an swf (not video).

            My main aim is to just run the files at full fps, no scout/telemetry involved, I'm not concerned about the results in Scout its when Scout and telemetry is not present.


            I have a test file that has not network activity at all.


            Unfortunately i am losing sleep as i have to use these particular computers as they are my clients and part of an imminent installation.


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              Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

              That's unfortunate; it's difficult to say what the actual problem is, but I highly doubt that it's anything to do with Scout - as I say, it's most likely the network connection. For example, it could be that there's a bug where it's blocking on some call to the network device driver when there are no open sockets. (speaking of which, make sure you have all the latest drivers and such).


              Does the problem still happen when you run Scout on the same machine - i.e. it works fine with Scout profiling, but not when it isn't? If it does, then maybe you can find a workaround, e.g. by opening a socket and streaming a little bit of data back to yourself over the loopback interface. It would be an ugly hack, but if it solves the problem then you can live with it.


              If this is a bug in Flash Player in this situation, then it's not going to get fixed on any timescale that would help you, because the priority won't be high enough compared to other bugs on more common platforms. The best thing you can do is to look for a workaround - at least the fact that it works fine when Scout is running is a sign that there is a possible workaround, so I wouldn't lose hope just yet!

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                _adamh Level 1

                Thanks Michael.


                I agree it appears not to be Scout.


                I can't run Scout on the machines as they are 32bit, thus the Mac network thing.


                I thought it might be the compiler in FlashPro so just tried FB 4.6 instead but i'm getting the same result. So it does seem to point to the machine/player combo.


                Might try a deeper regression of players to pre telemetry days first and then consider a Windows re-install!



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                  _adamh Level 1



                  I downgraded to Air 3.2 (pre telemetry) and the issue still persists.


                  Also found this stack exchange question with a hack of opening google chrome to get full framerate.

                  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14981585/stage3d-frame-rate-increased-when-running-chro me-in-the-background/


                  And it works for me too, even on a real pc (non-mac bootcamp)


                  Not really an exceptable solution to require an instance of chrome running but if thats what it takes to get 60fps and some real work done!

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                    I get the exact same issue, performance is drastically increased when scout is running

                    only difference is I have scout open

                    on a mac 10.9.4, Flash 14,0,0,176, latest air (14 I think)

                    how can this be possible? 

                    im loading a large number of Flex UI elements. if scout is running time to load is less then half