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    Premiere Elements 10 content will not download?


      Every time I launch the program it says I don't have the content installed. It says to insert the CD or download, I purchased a download version so I try to download and it asks me to select a folder and opens a browse window but no matter what folder I tell it to download it say to select a different folder and try again, even if I create a folder on the desktop it does the same - yes, I am using admin - any suggestions?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          By default the content would go into the My Documents/ My Pictures/ My Videos folders under a specific Adobe folder. Perhaps you just need to let it do things automatically. Anyway, without some system info this is not going anywhere and such specific questions are best asked in teh relevant product forum, so try there.



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            Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

            Moving this discussion to the Premiere Elements forum.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Let us see if we can work this out.


              Can we assume that this is Premiere Elements 10 Windows? I will assume that for now.


              First are you doing your Content download from the Premiere Elements 10 Tab in the following link



              How much free hard drive space is there on the drive to which this Content is to be downloaded? Have you created and named a new folder to receive the download? If so, is the name of the new folder the same as any others on your computer?


              (Control Panel gives file size for the Content as 1.23 GB after installation)


              Is there any message associated with happening other than use another folder?


              Looking forward to your follow up.





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                Jmadl Level 1

                Premiere Elements 10

                Windows 7 64bit

                850Gig free

                12Gig memory


                I have tried creating several folders in various places: My Documents, My Videos, Adobe (both in Documents and in Programs) even on desktop.

                It will not "things automatically" as it is asking me to "Please Select A Download Folder" and is defaulted at my User Identity (will not download there either); when I select a folder it simply returns with message dialog "Unable to Save File" "Please try again to save to a different location" - I have tried on C:/ in various locations (850gig free) and on D:/ (29gig free) and E:/ (31gig free).


                fyi: I have used computers for over 20years now, I have Corel VideoStudio (works great), Poser, Wings3D, PaintShop, Gimp and other large programs, I am MSCE certified as well as A+, Network+. dHTI+ and many other certifications - you can speak technical with me. Movie editing is however just a hobby, I purchased Adobe Elements Priemiere and Photoshop with my new computer from Dell as I have heard it has some nice features compared to VideoStudio that I have used for several years now but always looking for new toys.

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                  Jmadl Level 1

                  Sorry Mylenium, you must be speaking of a different version, Premiere Elements 10 will not select a location for the initial download 'automatically', as one would expect. This is why I am posting to find out why and just what it wants to make the initial download of content as I purchased an electronic download version (through Dell with my newest computer) and thus do not have the content CD. Instructions state that for non-CD purchasers that we should just click the link - simple enough, did the same thing with dozens of apps I have purchased over the years - but beynd that it just argues with me stating I must select a different location, by default it appears to select my User Profile folder, but it refuses that location as well with same message "Please try again to save to different location"


                  Thanks for the try however.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the follow up.


                    I am just starting my day. As soon as possible I will try to download that Premiere Elements 10 Content to my Windows 7 or 8 64 bit computer and see what problems I run into.


                    What is your download choice - All Content or one of the groups at a time?


                    I just did the download of just "Content 3....." without problem. The process initially required that I download the Akamai NetSession Interface which I did. Then I got the Browse for Folder message. At that time, I selected Desktop, New Folder which I named PE10 Group 3. The download proceeded to completion successfully.


                    Next I will try for the All Content download and see if I can get beyond the Browse for Folder message.


                    Keep in mind that my Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit has far less resources than your computer and that I did not stop to turn off firewalls or anti-virus for this test run.


                    I will report back very soon with further results. I am located on the east coast of the USA and, at this moment, that link to the Premiere Elements 10 Content seems to be OK. Internet connection is DSL (not highest speed).


                    To be continued...




                    Add On...the results for going the All download representing 2.95 GB, instead of just one group at a time, route was the same, that is, no problems with the request for designate a folder and the creation of that folder to accept the download.

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                      Jmadl Level 1

                      Still no luck, I have the Akamai NetSession but not sure when it installed as it seems to have always been there. I just tried setting the folders up just as you stated above, I tried Content 1 as well as all the rest and the full boat too, all end with the same result. I have tried from the Premiere startup window when it first announces that it is starting with "Reduced content.....do you want to install now?" as well as logging into my Adobe account and browsing to the same link - I have tried with FireFox as well as IE, with firewall on and off - always with the same result: "Please try again to save to different location"


                      Don't think it makes a difference but I have Windows 7 Home Premium

                      No fancy protection setup, just McAfee, Spybot, Spyblaster installed; none with any special filters or strong settings, just out of the box



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Sorry this problem has not been resolved yet. I am calling it a day and will head for this thread in the light of day to think about this some more.


                        Do you remember having any problems in the past or recently with getting Premiere Elements Updates from Help Menu/Updates? For a while I did and a firend gave me a tip which might help here. Now if I can only remember what I did and where I put my notes on that.


                        Do you think it worthwhile to uninstall Akamai NetSession and then reinstall and try for that Content download again?


                        To be continued.





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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Good morning. Just starting my day and with an interesting development related to your issue when I started my computer.


                          Although yesterday I had no problems downloading Premiere Elements 10 Content from Adobe, today just opening the computer brought up the Windows Security Alert shown in the screenshot below. As I mentioned, yesterday I successfully downloaded that Premiere Elements 10 Content without any disabling of Firewalls or AntiVirus. My Windows 7 64 bit runs with Windows Firewall ON and the router FIrewall on Low.


                          Within the past 24 hours, my computer did get 14 Windows Updates.


                          In spite of all you done so far troubleshooting, perhaps you might want to take another look at the security and permissions angles for this task?




                          We will continue to watch for your progress.





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                            Jmadl Level 1

                            Good catch A.T.Romano!

                            I had not thought to try and uninstall Akamai - I just did so and upon redownloading it I noticed an AG alert to the page the popup window tried to go to - after reinstalling it, I still got the same "cant to it..." message but when I turned my McAfee firewall completely Off now it is downloading!!




                            Now if I can just find where/why McAfee is blocking it as I have not set up any filters and I told McAfee to "Always Allow"...I really don't like being online without any firewall at all, especially with such a large download! I have not had a virus or successfull attack since 1996 and I like it that way!


                            Oh well, at least I am getting the content now so I can play (just so long as I can keep any maurading hacker or freak from stumbling upon my currently open system!)

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              Thanks for the great news and follow up..


                              What catches me sometimes is the router firewall. That is the last one I remember to check out.


                              But, so glad that you stayed with the troubleshooting and solved the problem.


                              Continued successes with your projects.



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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Unfortunately, when downloading from Adobe, security settings, and various anti-whatever programs can really get in the way. Even if only for the downloading process, I recommend turning such OFF, then turning it back ON.



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                                  Jmadl Level 1

                                  I found the problem!

                                  With a little more play I found that when I installed Akamai I granted Full Access, but this apparently only took to the Installer, when I drilled a bit further down McAfee's list I found that the actual Akamai Client was "Blocked" - odd, McAfee never asked me about it, so Akamai actually had two entries in my firewall; one for Akamai Installer and one for Akamai Client.


                                  I just set McAfee straight and granted the Client full access and now all goes smooth and I can rest at ease that my shields are still up!

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Great news.


                                    Unfortunately, so many security software programs, can kill the downloads, and installs.


                                    When dealing with a trusted site, I turn it ALL to OFF.


                                    Thanks for reporting,