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    Flex mobile APP being terminated by OS...




      I using FB 4.5 to write my mobile APP program,

      it's a viewnavigator application with a customize class(main_lib.as),

      the main functionality is to get GPS position and send back to server(by netConnection class).


      now this APP can work properlly in the frontground,

      but when I put it into background by push home buttom,

      after a few hour later,

      the APP seems to be terminated or crash.

      I found that:

      (1)APP stop to send GPS data(a send back timer stopped).

      (2)netConnection were disconnected(even I had design a timer to check whether the netConnection is alive or not). 

      (3)let APP return to frontground, the UI layout became confuse.


      why it happened and how to overcome this problem,

      thanks a lot~