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    video player, import swf?

    dizcofly Level 1
      I have a site with ~100 SWF videos, loaded from links in different pages.

      I have a video player built in Flash 6, to play them... Ideally I would like to have my links say something like A Href = " get videoplayer.swf & load movie named..." All the videos are the same dimensions so that's not an issue.

      How do I code the links to tell video player which file to play, and what AS to add please?

      Oh and a little problem... can I make the loaded movie begin stopped?


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          Star_Tail_Pro Level 1
          I believe javascript will do it. Just make a function "video" that will have the link for say "/swf/" (this will be where all the flash files are for say, then when the click the anchor <a href="javascript:video(x.swf)">Link</a> and the javascript function will have the link that will have the link "/swf/x.swf". You can then use one of the fuctions in flash that then call on this information and then load the movie. I know there is fscommand() but thats one is a lot of work, I think the function best suited is call or callback. I cannot remember the functions name but i know its got call in it and is linked to javascript. Maybe something to such the web for.
          I know there is a function that can upload a movie but i cannot remember that function either. I least i hoped i helped with javascript. If only i can remember the functions name but i do no they exist.

          Also are the link internal or exterbal of the flash video player? if they are external the above will do that but internal then it will be all actionscript and i know how to do that as well.

          (reply back later with function names.)
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            Star_Tail_Pro Level 1
            Right i probably won't be very easy. Just relised you say you have flash 6 so you don't have flash 8 as the code i was sugesstion is flash 8 so that not going to help. Sorry. I good idea will probaly be look through the help. But i don't think you will; be even able to use fscommand so basically I stomped.
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              dizcofly Level 1
              The links are in the html. I want each link to a video to load the video player with the video SWF inside it. It probably will be javascript, but all my seaches are turning up nothing. I will try posting also in a javascript forum.