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    Premiere Elements 11 crashes when importing from a DVD


      Hi, I'm having trouble with my Adobe Premiere Elements 11. 


      I am trying to get footage off a set of DVDs I shot a while back (shot on a DVD cam, I forget what  the model is cuz it wasnt mine)  Anyway,  Everything went fine for the 1st 3 DVDs,  but when I got to the 4th, when I went to "get media" it does nothing for awhile, then if you try to click it freezes and the dialog box pops up saying the program is not responding and closes. 


      Also,  after that happened,  it does the same thing with the other DVDs when I go back to try them.  I can play it via my DVD player software, but Adobe crashes when I try to get the media.


      Also, after this error in adobe, my DVD drive locks and I can't eject via the manural button, and when i right click on the drive in My Computer hit eject, it says "error ejecting DVD-RW Drive" 


      I have to eaither log off/restart  or go into the properties and disable the drive and reenable to be able to eject the DVD.



      I really don't understand whats going on, and why its doing this.  Nothing changed on my computer inbetween ripping the DVD media, as I was doing them all back to back.  I would import from DVD, then export as WMV so I could send the footage to someone (the .VOB files wouldn't work for this and my file converters where not working right)


      I have done an uninstall and reinstall (with a registry clean in between) and even a system restore to a previous point to resolve another issue I was having. (Could not make new folders)


      But Adobe/DVD drive  is still having this issue.



      I'm running on an HP Pavilion dm4-1165dx Laptop with Win 7 64bit btw.  I can get exact specs later if its nessesary.   But it was working just fine until I got to the last DVD so IDK why it would just quit on me like this.