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    Flickering partialy fixed Click here for results

    Kar209 Level 1



      After about two weeks of trying to chase down a solution for the Flickering issue I was having with my new laptop ... a Toshiba Satellite S875-S7376 with an AMD Radeon HD 7670M Graphics Card ...


      A lady at Adobe by the name of Masoom was able to help me out and here is the case number just in case it can help someone else.


      I will say that even though I can now access the 3D tools that I am still encountering flickering with the 3D tools and some of the Filters. I am also getting the issue of the entire canvas filling with black.


      But at least I have enough of an improvement where I can once again use Photoshop.


      Still on the fence about rather it is worth keeping this computer.


      I have called Adobe, AMD and Microsoft but can't find a definitive answer as to what the exact culprit is or rather a much more stable fix is in the works or not.


      I will let you know if I find out anything else.


      here the case # 0184312453


      good luck everyone!!

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Windows 8, right?


          FYI, I don't see anything useful when I follow the case number link.


          What did they have you do?  Update your display driver?



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            Kar209 Level 1

            wow!! i am so sorry about the case number!!


            it was my understanding that the steps that were taken would be included with the case number they emailed me ... at least that's the way it's been in the past


            i think she did update the AMD driver ... i could not find one online as everything i found said there was no update for Toshiba, Panasonic or Sony laptops


            she also did quite a few other things but i couldn't begin to recall everything and that's why i asked if things would be associated w/the case number.


            are you having the same problems?


            i've gotta run off for the day but as soon as i get back home i will call adobe & see if they can associate more info w/that case number.


            again, sorry to be a tease ... was just trying to help.


            ttul ~ kara


            got home too late to call Adobe but i will call tomorrow afternoon


            well, i called Adobe and it seems that whatever you found w/that case number is all they recorded. i feel awful as i was certain it would have been helpful to others.


            but after working with Photoshop again (after two weeks of chasing down answers and "fixes") i am still having some pretty bothersome problems.

            1. when i close the eye icon next to a layer i still get flickering and the image will disappear for several seconds and once in a while i must close the file and reopen it but then i lose any changes i've made.

            2. Ps will crash and not recover my files.

            3. Ps will crash, recover the file but all the preferences go back to default. I haven't loaded any layer styles or customs shapes from the internet yet but i'm a bit concerned that when/if i do that when ps crashes i will lose those too.

            4. when i click on a swatch color to color the artwork i'm doing the color will flash several times and then end up being a color i didn't choose.

            5. when i use bright colors there are lines, roughly .5px in width, that run through the color. i am unsure if this is a ps issue or if it's the monitor i have.


            well, that's all i can think of for now. if anyone else is having these issues i would like to hear from you.


            thank you

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              Kar209 Level 1

              just wanted people that come to check out this thread that i was never able to resolve the Flickering issue between Ps and the Toshiba laptop w/the AMD Radeon graphics card.


              i sent the laptop back to Toshiba and they sent a new one but had the same problems and even more issues w/the laptop itself.


              so, i decided to go w/a Dell w/a NVIDIA Ge Force mid line Graphics card and now Ps works just fine.