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    Cannot debug - all breakpoints show "Breakpoint not set; No executable code at line ###..."

    scober99 Level 1

      Flash Professional CS6 with all updates. Targeting Air for Android (but it has been like this for the last few versions),


      No matter what I try, I cannot get debugging to work (local or remote) on my Android Air project. When I set a breakpoint and run the code it launches into the debugger, but shows errors like:


      Breakpoint not set; No executable code at line 508 of nefertiti_slots.as

      Breakpoint not set; No executable code at line 3132 of nefertiti_slots.as


      I can assure you that there is indeed executable code at those line numbers and all the others I have tried.


      When the debug launcher starts up, the screen shows the stop(); command from the first frame of one of the MCs - and there is a list of scenes and symbols, but it acts like the .as file with all the code in it does not exist even though the build is happily running.


      I have been working around this using primitive old trace and print to the screen stuff (like it was 1984) but I need real debugging now and I am stymied.


      And please, I know a bunch of you will say to switch to Flash Builder -- but that is not a solution to whay the several hundred dollar program I am using is not working.