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    ios and android flash development


      Hi people i going to start mobile game development and i want to know a couple things about flash.  I want to know if my game made in flash

      will have good performace

      will be able to display ads from iads and admob


      To finish i want to know if flash have plans to allow us develop apps for windows 8 since html5 is supported in the new flash



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. to a great extent that depends on what you are going to do and your ability to code efficiently.  to get an idea of what is possible, check itunes or amazon app store for something similar.

          2. don't know anything about iads/admob.  again, check itunes of the amazon app store.

          3. you can develop flash apps (air) for win 8 (but that has nothing to do with html or html5 or even js).