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    Shockwave Flash may be busy... BLAH BLAH BLAH... HOW can I fix this?

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      I am SOOOOOO sick of this issue.  I have posted asking for help, advice and etc... in many different sites including THIS ONE, and no one seems to know how to fix this. For about the last month or so, I have had a problem with my adobe flash, or shockwave flash or what ever the hell you want to call it. I say this last part because I have been told they are the same, and I have been told they are different. Here is a screen shot of the damn pop up box I keep getting, it also shows how I am also often told that I need to install adobe flash to view something even though I DO have it installed already.

      unresponsive plugin.JPG

      The issue: It seems like every couple of mins at times, my browser will freeze, then after a few seconds to mins, I get the above shown pop up box about my unresponsive plugin. Usually when I click the continue button, after a few mins the page continues to work. This usually only lasts a few mins before it freezes again and I get the pop up box AGAIN. Sometimes it stays unfrozen for a while, and I have no issues but this is very rare.  Now if I click the stop plugin option, this usually makes adobe flash crash altogether, and I have to refresh everything. Sometimes my page does not unfreeze at all, even after clicking the continue button, my browser does not unfreeze, and I have to open my task manager, and shut it all down manually. As for the other issue, where I am told I have to download adobe flash to view something, this does not happen EVERY time I try viewing something, but it does happen, I would say maybe 2-8 times out of 10 it happens. It has happened while trying to view videos, commercials I get while playing games sometimes, or many other things, I am saying this because I want to make sure you understand it is NOT just when I am on facebook or something, I just happened to take the screenshot above while on FB when it happened this most recent time to make this post here with.


      Ok so I have tried a LOT of things to fix this. I more then once tried uninstalling and then reinstalling adobe flash, I did so following the instructions for a CLEAN INSTALL as I was directed by someone else to try. In case the issue was something to do with my anti virus, or fire wall or etc... I have also tried uninstalling, then reinstalling while my windows firewall was turned OFF, as well as my anti virus turned off. I have tried uninstalling my browsers as well, then reinstalling them AFTER reinstalling adobe.


      According to the flash checker thing on the adobe site itself, I DO have the most current version installed, I also checked the page to see if it was supposed to be working properly, and according to your site it said my adobe flash WAS working fine, the images and etc... displayed fine. All of my browsers and etc... are also ALL up to date. I have made sure that ALL of my adobe products are up to date, the reader, active x, shockwave, etc...


      I have tried everything and yet I still keep getting this message box, and often enough I get the message saying adobe needs to be installed to view something. I had not installed anything, nor had I made any changes to my comp or system prior to this problem starting, though if I am not mistaken, I think I HAD just upgraded to the newest version OF adobe at the time, this was over a month ago now...


      I also want to add, so that I don't start getting suggestions to do so... I do not have a virus on my comp. I have checked and rechecked my system using a few different programs like windows defender, malwarebytes, my anti virus Avast!, Spybot Search & Destroy, Microsoft Safety Scanner and possibly other ones as well, and none of them have ever found any malware, adware, or viruses.


      As for my system and info: I mostly use firefox (yes most recent version), however recently I did download and try using Google Chrome in order to find out if this was a firefox issue or something, as someone suggested once. I encountered the SAME pop up box, and message while using Google Chrome, as well as while using IE, which tells me even more this is not a "browser" problem, but more an adobe/shockwave/flash or whatever problem. I have windows 7 home premium on my comp, it is the 64-bit operating system.