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    Responding to a Response


      Hello there,


      I am looking to implement Adobe FormsCentral in to my work place - Reseller



      I work in a purchasing team where sales staff send there Price Requests (requests that their customers want from us) to individual members of the purchasing team via excel spreadsheets. We fill them in, save them and then send them back to the sales people so they can inform there customers.


      My Aim:

      My Aim is to have a central hub where all requests get sent to and then we can distribute them amongst our team as they come and go - This is to stop over crowding of particulaur people and achieve maximum efficiency.


      So far messing around with FormsCentral, I have managed to collect an array of results, however, I want to know if I can responde to each result individually by using the same form they send? So the document would have 2 pages a Sales page and an Admin page (Admin being us) Is it possible to send back the same response they send???


      I put the scenario and aim in because I do not know if this is doable and so it gives you enough information as possible.


      If anybody can help me I would love it!! - I am currently using the trial version as I need to prove to my boss that this is a good enough reason!!!


      Thanks for any help!