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    Why my RTMP client can not receive H.264 data.


      I ported FFMpeg/rtmpproto.c to Golang,  and host the codes on gitbug.com:




      Using my codes, program can not receive H.264 video data from FMS, but audio data are OK.

      And VLC can play the same h.246 stream fine.

      The publish AS codes like this:
                          nsOut=new NetStream(nc);

                          // Set video codec, Comment this line to use default video codec.

                          nsOut.videoStreamSettings = new H264VideoStreamSettings();

                           nsOut.attachAudio (mic);
                          nsOut.attachCamera (cam);
                          nsOut.publish ("camstream");

      If I comment the codec setting line to use the default video codec, video is OK too.



      Some posts on web said FMS do not send H.264 video data when the handshake validate failed.

      But I tested the handshake data generated by VLC, Flash player and My program.

      All data are passed the check.


      I uploaded the network dump file in github too.



      Any directions are welcome.