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    Problem when use locale to setting multilanguage


      Hi all

      I have problem when use locale to setting multilanguage for my project (ABC). My project is Creative Suite Externsion project. And need buid by Externsion Builder 4.5

      The first when I used defaul language de_DE. It's compiler success.


      The second I add many language to support. So I add  the locale in project



      And add this directory to


      Add argument to FlashBuilder


      I complier my project have error message is bellow




      unable to open 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.6\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.cside.flexsdk_2.0.0.4-33034\flexsdk\3.4.0\frameworks\locale \de_DE'ABC
      UnknownFlex Problem


      Could you have solution for my project.