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    save PDF form data in XML format

    Nandini C

      I want to create component in JAVA application, which will create PDF form (with checkbox, dropdown list, text field etc. These fields will vary by data type of columns from database) and download it to client side. After filling the form, when user clicks on ‘Validate and Save’ button, it should validate and ask to save form in XML format.


      I searched on many places on net; most of them, suggest use Adobe LifeCycle Designer ES.

      My question is how can I use this tool in my JAVA application so that I can create dynamic PDF form on basis of above requirement.  Is there any jar provided by Adobe LifeCycle for the same?

      Please guide me.

      Thanks in Advance.

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          SaketSidana Adobe Employee

          Your use case looks like htat you want to design the form automatically. There is no such component which would allow you to design form automatically.


          However, you can create a form template such that certain objects[check box, dropdown, etc] appear/disappear[i.e. get visible/hidden] based on data from DB. Thereafter, you can save or submit the form data in XML format. Need to understand your use case fully but this information gives you some hint on how to design your form.

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            Nandini C Level 1

            Thanks for reply Saket..

            I develop JAVA web application. One of requirement in my application is to generate PFD form (who’s design/template style will vary on scenario basis).  The form needs to gets download on client machine(PDF form gets generate & download after click on, say ‘Download’ button).

            User fills this form (on his/her machine) and click on, say ‘Submit’ button which is in PDF form. After validation of all filled field, form ask to save form in XML fomat (i.e. in .xml file).

            I find your provided information matches with mine query but not sure whether ‘created form template’ is on which side, on server or client side?

            I am able to create PDF form by using iText jar, but it seem it does not full fill my requirement .

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              SaketSidana Adobe Employee

              I need some more information.


              1) Please suggest if you have LiveCycle Forms server or you just have LiveCycle Designer. Looks like you have Designer only but want to know.

              2) How do you send forms to users? Are these hosted on a web site?

              3) What's the different sources of data used in the form? Does it come from DB based on some information the user fills in the form? Any other source through which data comes in?

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                Nandini C Level 1
                1. As of now, I am neither using LiveCycle Form server or LiveCycle Designer tool. I am in R & D phase. Before subscribing for the tool, I want to be make sure that it will fulfill our requirements.
                2. User can download PDF form from web server through ‘response’.
                3. Some data will come from DB, like to show options in dropdown list from DB. No, it does not come from DB once user selects option in or fill form.
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                  SaketSidana Adobe Employee

                  You would need to create a form in Designer. The fields should bind to the appropriate DB columns[on server machine] with some scripting so that you can display the required options when the form is rendered/displayed. I am assuming that by "Validate and Save", you want to run some data validation scripts in the form and thereafter save the data from the form in an XML file. For this, you can add a submit button in Designer. Validation scripts can be written on the preSubmit event and data can be submitted to the Livecycle server as an XML file. You can try the evaluation version of LiveCycle ES4 by downloading the "English JBoss" version through http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=livecycle. Installation is very simple and you can choose Adobe LiveCycle Forms while configuring the product through LCM{Livecycle Configuration Manager].