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    Making Room For Creative Cloud

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      I’ve just read the thread about moving the 'Scratch paging file to another volume'.   A concern I had after deciding I'd go with a full CC subscription, is that I only had 50Gb left on the 250Gb SSD I use for OS and program files, and as I was definitely not going to uninstall my existing CS6 apps, I needed to free up some space. I'd taken some of the usual steps.  I am currently up to 14Tb on 10 volumes (12 drives - two are raid0), and stuff like data, Desktop, Outlook pst file, and most anything else I could think of, had been redirected to other volumes, but the Windows 7 Page file has been left on the C: drive. 


      So I got to work with Windirstat, and found a surprising amount of errant data clogging my C: drive.  About 20Gb of Bridge cache ‘after’ Purging it.  Why would that be?  You can open the image files from within Windirstat, so I could see what project they were from, and most of them had never been used outside of Photoshop.  The bulk of the files were in various folders in appdata\roaming\adobe\bridge_CS6\cache\1024  A quick Google found a good few links to the same folder, but I could not find out what the ‘1024’ folder is for. 


      The other drive hogging culprit was iTunes. I found how to make iTunes use a different volume, but after doing this, the bulk of the data was not automatically removed from the C: drive. There was also redundant backup files for my iPod and iPad.  An hours work won me back >50Gb, and had Bridge and iTunes using different volumes going forward, so I now have >100Gb free space on my C: drive and can’t wait for June 17th

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Good tools can often turn up surprising amounts of wasted space.  I like a little freeware app called scanner myself.


          Something you might consider for the future...  Since everything always wants to use drive C: by default, perhaps you might consider doing what I've done...  Get some more SSDs and build a RAID0 volume (C:) from which to run the system.  This could both ease your storage needs going forward (saving you the time of digging for files to move or delete) and boost your system performance.  There can sometimes be unforeseen secondary problems when you relocate things to other volumes as well.


          It's just a thought.



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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Noel I remember your OTT SSD raid array from before I stopped posting here.  The through put figures were staggering as I remember it.  I am sure I'll go with at least a pair of SSDs in a raid0 for the boot drive next rebuild of major overhaul.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              The great part is that my array is STILL, after over a year of hard daily hard use, performing at top speed, as well as having been perfectly reliable (literally ZERO glitches of any kind).  Best investment I ever made in computing hardware.  And as usual today one can get even better performing drives for less money.


              A recent benchmark:





              Here's a sample of what Scanner shows:





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                PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                Hello, Trevor, the 1024 folder is for the 1024 pixels-wide thumbnails in Bridge.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  If you have a lot of RAM make sure hibernation is disabled command prompt then "Powercfg /h[ibernate] [on|off]" turning it off will free a RAM size space on your SSD if it was on. The hibernation file will be deleted.

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                    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                    Ahhh, that makes sense Pierre. Do you happen to know where it gets its figure for JPG quality for those thumbnails?  The last one used I imagine, because a lot of those thumbnails were 500-600Kb.  JJ I disabled Hibernation a while back.  That was another very worthwhile RAM save.  Noel, your benchmark made me laugh out loud, it is so over the top.  Have you ever compared your figures with Harm's Monster?  IIRC he was not using solid state drives for his big raid array.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                        No, I haven't done any direct comparisons with Harm's setup.  I do know he's an extremely knowledgeable person, but I think he's optimizing his system for video processing, which may have different requirements.


                      If my current setup weren't working so well I might be tempted to blow some more R&D budget on the newest SSD technology, which (believe it or not) has reduced radically the internal latencies (which were already less than 0.1 millisecond - now they're less than 0.01 millisecond).  This means that small, random I/O operations with the most modern SSDs (e.g., OCZ Vector models, where I have Vertex 3 models) are actually ridiculously faster than even what I have - if you can imagine it.  Guys get small I/O benchmarks that beat mine with just half the number of drives.